Get equipment to help at home

If you're struggling to carry out daily tasks there may be equipment available to help you do things safely and independently. You can get equipment to help you:

  • get in and out of your home
  • wash, dress and use the toilet
  • prepare food and drink
  • move around your home
  • get in and out of bed

Choosing the right equipment

You might be able to borrow equipment from us. Our Occupational Therapists will chat to you about your needs and suggest what equipment you need, which could include:

  • moving and handling equipment, such as hoists
  • adjustable beds and chairs which can be raised and lowered
  • walking aids
  • bathing aids
  • kitchen aids
  • pressure relieving equipment such as mattresses and cushions

Returning or exchanging equipment

If you've borrowed equipment from us and you no longer need it or it's damaged or unsafe please let your care manager know, or call 01752 668000 if you don't have a care manager. 

For more information please have a look at the Plymouth Online Directory's help at home section.


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