How to get adult care or support

Working out what help you need

If you have any care or support needs you can ask us for a needs assessment.

The assessment will look at both your physical, mental and emotional needs. You might need help to get dressed or just an extra stair rail, but we'll also find out what's important to you, such as being able to carry on working or volunteering, or being able to meet your friends.

A trained person from the council or an organisation we work with will chat with you about your needs and the sort of help you could benefit from.

If you're a carer and the person you care for doesn't live in Plymouth get in touch with the council where they live.


The easiest way to identify the areas where you might be eligible for social care and support is to complete a self-assessment.

At the end of this form, you have the option of making a referral and requesting a formal assessment.

Fill in a self-assessment

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