Stray and lost dogs

Any dog that's out on its own is classed as a stray dog. Any dog that's unsupervised in a public or private place may be taken by us. However, we will generally only come and collect a stray dog if it is being held by someone.

Report a stray dog

All dogs must wear a collar and tag and be microchipped.

If we collect a stray dog it will be kennelled for seven days and then we'll arrange for the dog to be re-homed by an animal welfare charity unless it is claimed by the owner.

We don't provide a 24 hour a day service or provide a place to take stray dogs. If you find a dog outside our office hours keep the dog until the next working day, then call us on 01752 304147.

Opening hours

  • Monday to Thursday: 9am to 5pm
  • Friday: 9am to 4.30pm

I've lost my dog

We keep a record of all lost and stray dogs.

If you have lost your dog, please complete the online form below.

Report my dog as being lost

You should keep your dog under your control at all times. Make sure your garden is secure so your dog can't get out and keep your dog on a lead when you're out in public places.

The following websites may help you with finding your dog:

How much will it cost to get my dog back?

You have to pay the following release fee before you can get your dog back. This fee is based on the legal penalty for stray dogs and the costs the Council incurs. Please call 01752 304147 to arrange to pay for your dog. You can pay by debit or credit card over the phone. You must pay by 5pm Mondays to Thursdays and by 4.30pm on Fridays to get your dog back on that day otherwise the charge will increase.

Day Fee
Day one £113
Day two £144
Day three £225
Day four £237
Day five £249
Day six £262
Day seven £275

I can't care for my dog

If you're unable to care for your dog you must not abandon it or you could be prosecuted. You should look for a way to re-home it.