Apply to hold an event on our land

Plymouth Council land is available to be used by the public to organise events. In order to hold an event you must seek permission for use of the land by following the correct procedures below.

Please take time to read through this information and discuss any issues you may have prior to submitting your application.


If you wish to hold an event on Council land, please email the relevant contacts below to discuss:

*To hold an event on Plymouth Hoe, Central Park  or Other green spaces you must apply via the online application here

Before you apply

You will need to take the following into account before you start your application. Please note the informatoin below mainly applies to Plymouth Hoe and Central Park events.


You should visit the event site and consider the requirements of the event; have a think about the site layout, transport links, access and facilities. Upon visiting the site and applying to hold your event, we will request a site visit with yourselves to run through the event layout.

Application and Document deadlines

For the Events Team to have sufficient time to consider your application, review and provide feedback, and forward it to other relevant partners for considerations (and if necessary forward to ESAG (Events Safety Advisory Group)), you must submit your completed application and submit initial supplementary documentation within the below timescales:

Small (up to 499 people) 6 weeks before event date
Medium (499 to 999 people) 8 weeks before event date
Large (over 1,000 people) 10 weeks before event date

We will advise you of your deadlines once you have submitted your expression of interest. Failure to meet these deadlines will put your event in risk of cancellation.

Charging bonds

A bond will be held by the council from Plymouth Hoe Applicants. This will ensure that any damage or failure to clear waste can be recovered and the council is not left to cover these costs. These will be fully refunded/destroyed once it is established there are no repairs or clearance needed. The level of bond is set out below; this is based on risk of damage.

Please read the Terms and Conditions for details of the scoring evaluation.

Tier 1 (Under 28 points) £90
Tier 2 (30 to 38 points) £175
Tier 3 (40 to 48 points) £375
Tier 4 (50 to 58 points) £500
Tier 5 (Over 60 points)* £1,000

*If your event is scored within the Tier 5 category, your event and all accompanying information must be signed off by the Marketing & Events Manager before being permitted to take place.

*Your event must also be reviewed by ESAG before it can be confirmed.

Commercial events

Events deemed to be of commercial nature will be negotiated at a commercial rate on a case by case basis. Please note the additional criteria for commercial events in Section 5a of the Terms and Conditions.

Memorial services

Requests from individuals/organisations who wish to use Plymouth Hoe for memorial services are exempt from charging bonds and are not required to use the formal event application process.

Please contact in the first instance to discuss further details.

Balloon releases and lanterns

Plymouth City Council's balloon and lantern policy does not permit mass balloon/lantern releases to take place on our land, including school grounds, community buildings, the Hoe and the city centre. In addition to the ban on our land, we would strongly discourage people from balloon releases on their own land. However, if you do intend to release balloons visit the Marine Conservation Society website.


As a Council all events on our land will now complete an Environmental Assessment to show how single use plastic will be reduced to an absolute minimum and the maximum level of recycling of other plastics is achieved.  We will also be supporting a voluntary ban on plastic straws, cutlery and single use coffee cups city wide that will come into place in April 2019 and all council buildings will go single use plastic free.

Animal welfare

We will not allow on any council owned land, rodeos, circuses or travelling menageries which include performing animals and will use our statutory powers to prevent performing animal acts in theatres wherever possible.

For more information visit the animal welfare page.

Licensable activities

If your event proposes the use of licensable activities, it is the event organiser’s responsibility to obtain the necessary licenses through the Licensing team.

Contact for further information. 

Use of streets and road closures

If your event uses the streets or pavements, you will need to seek permission from Highways. If your event is a walk, which uses both a Council site and the streets, you must contact both.

Contact for further information.

Should your event require road closures, you will need to make the application a minimum of 16 weeks prior to your event date.

Contact Plymouth Transport and Highways (South West Highways) or call 01752 668000 for further information.

Disabled users

PADAN (Plymouth Area Disability Action Network), with the support of Plymouth City Council’s Social Inclusion Unit, has the aim to generate the kind of information necessary for disabled people to participate in local events, and to enable PADAN to give access information in its publicity and promotion of any event to its disabled members.

Following your event application, you will need to complete the PADAN form and send to

Promoting your event

Once your event has been granted permission in principle (see application process below) you can submit your event onto the VisitPlymouth website to add to the website’s event listing to help promote your event, free of charge.

If you wish to place a banner on one of our official sites, you’ll need to apply for permission by visiting the highways page.

Expression of Interest

If you wish to apply to hold an event on Plymouth Hoe, Central Park or Other green spaces, you will need to complete the Expression of Interest form at the bottom of this webpage and indicate which of the three locations you would like to hold your event.. We will use this information to assess viability of your proposal and check availability. The more information provided to us initially will improve the reviewing process.

Application process

  1. Contact us with your event proposal and date requested, or submit your Expression of Interest via the application form.
  2. We will respond via email advising you if your proposal is viable and date is available. You will then be directed to make the full application and also submit supplementary documents.
  3. We will request a site visit with you to run through your proposed event layout.
  4. Upon submitting your full event application and supplementary documents, we will advise your of your event application status i.e. application accepted or declined and confirm to you the Site Bond fee. Once you have confirmed you wish to proceed on this basis, you will be requested to send the fee to us.
  5. We will then carry out a detailed check of your application and supplementary documents, and request further information where necessary.
  6. We will grant permission in principle for your event. This is dependent on sign off following submission of all required documents and all relevant parties have been contacted, licences sought etc.
  7. We will grant final approval to your event – this is your event signed off with no requirement for further documents.

Make your application for Plymouth Hoe, Central Park or Other green space

Please use the below form to apply to hold your event on Plymouth Hoe, Central Park or Other Green Space. If you wish to hold an event in a different location, please use the contact details under Locations.

You will need to create an account before submitting your expression of interest, unless you have submitted an event previously on this form and so you can log in with those details.

Apply to hold an event on Plymouth Hoe, Central Park or Other green spaces

If whilst completing the form you wish to come back to it at a later time, you can click 'save now' and exit.

Further information

 Plymouth Hoe Terms and Conditions [PDF, 206KB]

 Central Park Event Space Terms and Conditions [PDF, 173KB]

 Event Management Plan [PDF, 83KB]

 Event Environmental Impact Form [Word, 97KB]

 PADAN Form [Word, 92KB]

 Plymouth Hoe Site Map [JPG, 587KB]

 Emergency access route guidance [PDF, 577KB]

 Risk assessment template [Word, 222KB]

Useful websites

For further advice on organising a safe and successful event, visit:

Events Safety Advisory Group (ESAG)

The Events Safety Advisory Group deal with safety at public events and shouldn't be confused with the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) which is a statutory body that deals with safety at sports grounds.

The core members of the Events Safety Advisory Group comprise senior officers from the Council and all the emergency services working in the city.

Its purpose is to meet regularly to consider forthcoming events and to give advice to organisers.

 Public event safety guidance for organisers [PDF, 638KB]

The ESAG isn't responsible for granting licenses for events, please visit our licensing and permits page for more information.