Better Places Plymouth


Better Places Plymouth is about making our streets and spaces places that people choose to visit and spend their leisure time in; where retail, leisure and hotel brands want to be; where businesses want to locate their offices and workspaces; and where people want to live. It is also about ensuring our streets and spaces are attractive and accessible for all, support healthy and active lifestyles, address the challenges of climate change and are equipped with modern infrastructure and technology.

The reason to visit city centres is changing too. In addition to shopping, people increasingly visit city centres for leisure, arts and culture, as a place in which to live and as a place in which to work. Our streets and spaces need to respond to this change and capitalise on the opportunity.

We recognise that the enhancement of the city centre helps to meet some of the current economic challenges and deliver the objectives of the Resurgam Programme. It will seek to deliver a programme of improvements across the city centre. Work is already underway enhancing New George Street and Old Town Street with other parts of the city centre to follow soon.

The Framework

Plymouth's City Centre Masterplan sets out an ambitious vision for renewal. It looks to a future where the city centre intensifies with many more people living and working within it, and where it offers a much broader and more varied experience than at present – a place to live, a place to work, a place to shop, a place in which to play, and a place to visit.

The Better Places Framework takes the visions and principles outlined in the City Centre Masterplan and Joint Local Plan and turns these into projects that could be delivered on the ground. The Framework focuses on the streets and spaces between the buildings, providing a strategic vision for how these should look and function. The Better Places Framework also provides the context within which to identify and deliver a programme of projects in order to maximise the benefits for the city. The Better Places Framework diagram provides a complete picture of how a totally transformed city centre could look. Delivering this vision will take time and require significant additional funding. The Framework sets out to create exciting and distinctive spaces where there is always something to see and do.


The core objectives of Better Places Plymouth are to:

  • Raise the bar in quality to support and enhance the retail, leisure and cultural offer and experience of the city centre
  • Provide for a diversification of uses to attract and support new residential, office and evening economy uses into the city centre – providing high quality environments, addresses to be proud of, outdoor amenity and children's play space
  • Connect and show off the city's best assets
  • Be built to last, reduce maintenance costs and generate revenue
  • Create environmental gains, deliver sustainable urban drainage and provide new trees and planting
  • De-clutter and enhance pedestrian and cycle movement for all, tackle barriers to people with disabilities and resolve potential conflicts between modes