Old Town Street and New George Street

The improvements will deliver:

  • Improved connection between Drake Circus and The Barcode as part of the wider link between The Box and the Barbican
  • Space for on-street retail to reinforce the space as Plymouth's premier shopping street
  • An improved identity making the area a more attractive place in which to shop, live and work
  • Attractive places to stop and rest for everyone
  • Replacement of single-use Christmas light columns with multi-functional 'smart' columns
  • New, high quality children's play integrated into the street environment
  • A more attractive setting for existing retail
  • New tree planting carefully arranged to allow clear sightlines to shopfronts
  • Taxis relocated to St Andrews Cross and Eastlake Street, removing conflicts between pedestrians and cars

Programme for the delivery

The programme for this project will be kept under review in light of the Government's guidance related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

​ Frequently asked questions


We will be planting 29 new trees - But we will need to remove 25 existing trees to make way for the new street layout. Some of the tress to be removed will need to be felled and mulched, but the logs and mulch will be recycled for use elsewhere.

As with all public realm schemes, noise is an important factor to consider. We will be carrying out noise monitoring during construction to ensure levels are not excessive and do not pose a risk. We will take all necessary measures to minimise the impact to the environment.

To minimise noise, we will be erecting acoustic fencing around specific areas of the site and boundaries and will use machinery that generates the least amount of noise.

We will liaise directly with businesses and residents when carrying out tasks that maybe particularly noisy near their properties.

Site works will be fully enclosed with controlled access points for vehicles, plant, equipment, and construction site personnel; these points will be swept with road and path sweepers throughout the working day. We will ensure the routes remain clear of obstruction, debris and dust.

Within site, during dry periods, dusty conditions will be dampened down; utilising rainwater where possible. During wet conditions mud will be collected at entry and exit points using vehicle wheel wash systems; silt or mud wash-off from site will be collected and removed.

The existing play space is being re-homed. Our team is looking for a new home for the wooden animals and new play equipment will be provided.

A newly designated play space will be provided between House of Fraser and Debenhams, it will provide children and parents with a space to play and relax.

There is a curved seat to the edge to protect the play area and create a boundary allowing parents to comfortably enjoy watching children at play.

During the course of the build, seating throughout Old Town St and New George St (building zone) will be very limited, but once completed there will be more options for seating than there is currently available.

Our designers have calculated that there will be almost double the amount of purpose built seating available than there is now.

There will be a safe access path to all shops throughout the building works.

When completed Old Town Street will be a pedestrian street. This means you will no longer be able to get a taxi from Old Town Street. In its place we be creating two new zones for taxi ranks.

One is on Whimple Street, just off St Andrews Cross roundabout, right next to the existing car park. The other will be on Eastlake Street, this is next to Marks and Spencer at the entrance to Drakes Circus.



New George Street

New George Street after dark

Old Town Street

Old Town Square

Old Town Square after dark

Old Town Street