Market Way

Market Way

A steep, unattractive concrete ramp leading from Western Approach to the city centre is being removed as part of a landscaping project.

A gentler path is being created leading to Market Way. The path will have handrails and be surrounded by coastal grass landscaping. Granite paving will also be laid.

The Council is working with Aspire Living, who have built apartments on the site of the old Comet building.


Work to the area at the top of Market Way next to Western Approach has now been completed. Instead of a steep and unattractive concrete ramp, there's now a series of gentle ramps and steps with handrails.

There's also a central level seating area and a raised terrace to support commercial uses on the ground floor of the former Comet Building. New paving has been laid, attractive street lighting installed as well as tree, shrub and ground cover.

The development also has two large tree pits which capture rainfall and use it to irrigate the new trees which helps reduce the risk of flooding during high rainfall.