Millbay Boulevard

Millbay Boulevard

Coastal planting, granite paving and light and airy seaside feel are the ideas behind the look planned for the Millbay Boulevard, transforming Bath Street into an attractive boulevard between the city centre and the waterfront.

Working with James Brent's Akkeron team, this change will be achieved by doubling the width of Bath Street on the east side and providing a tree lined street with pedestrian footpaths down both sides.

The boulevard will eventually be the location for to up to 300 new homes and a new 170 bed hotel, making an attractive landscape crucially important.


Work on developing the new boulevard continues following the successful removal of the Union Street footbridge and the empty Two Trees pub next to Western Approach car park.

Essential plant for the Pavilions is currently being relocated to allow for more demolition to take place over February and March which will remove a redundant vehicle ramp and provide the additional space for the transformation of Bath Street into the new boulevard.

January 2019