Changes to collections

Since 8 May 2017 we have changed bin collections in Plymouth to an alternate weekly system. This means we now collect your recycling one week and your non-recyclable rubbish the next week.

Most other areas of the country have already successfully introduced this type of collection.

If you would like to know when your next collect is due in your area, please click on the button below.

Check your bin day collection

You can also read our frequently asked questions page, if you would like further information on these changes to alternate weekly collections.

Garden waste

Garden waste collections are made each fortnight between 9 April and 2 November. This means your garden waste bag may no longer be emptied on the same day as your green bin. For further information on this scheme for next year please visit our here

Why we're making these changes

We're making the changes to increase recycling, which will protect the environment and reduce costs.

At the same time we want to make our streets cleaner by stopping extra bags of rubbish being left next to bins.

What you need to do

To help make Plymouth cleaner and greener and to avoid any problems please:

Put your bins/bags out at the right time on the right week

  • Check which week to put your green and brown bins/bags out using the online bin day checker
  • Put your bins/bags out before 6.30am on collection day (but not before 6.30pm the evening before)
  • Please return your bins/bags to within your property boundary before midnight on the day of your collection

Put the right stuff in the right bin

There should be enough room in your bins even though they will be emptied less often. Our research shows that most bins are currently less than three quarters full and that up to 20 per cent of rubbish in brown bins could have been recycled.

You can make sure there's enough room in your bin if you:

  • Put all recyclables in your green bin
  • Squash cartons and cardboard boxes to make more room
  • Reduce the amount of food waste you throw away

For further information on what goes in each bin, please click here

Avoid smells and litter

You can help keep your street clean and prevent your bin from smelling by:

  • Remembering to put the right bin out on the right week
  • Using bags in your brown bin
  • Wrapping any wet and smelly rubbish (this also helps avoid flies)
  • Double-wrapping nappies and pet waste
  • Keeping bin lids closed
  • Not storing rubbish beside bins