Proposed changes to bin collections

We're proposing to change our bin collection to an alternate weekly collection, which means we'll collect your recycling one week and your non-recyclable rubbish the next week. Most areas of the country already have this type of collection.

We'll write to all households before May 2017 to let you know what changes are being made and how they'll affect you. If your collection day is going to change we'll give you plenty of notice.

Why we're changing to an alternate weekly collection

We're changing to an alternate weekly collection because we need to:

  • encourage everyone to recycle more
  • reduce the number of bags on the street each week, keeping our streets cleaner and tidier
  • make savings

Space in your bin

You should be able to fit all of your recyclables and rubbish into the right bins. We'll be giving you lots of advice to help you recycle more.

We looked at how full the city's brown bins were last month (October 2016) and we found that 82 per cent of them were less than three quarters full. We also found that 20 per cent of rubbish collected through our brown bins, bags and other containers could have been recycled through our kerbside recycling scheme.

If you have a communal bin collection, carry on putting your recycling and non-recyclable rubbish in your shared bins as normal.

Health risks

There have been no health problems in other areas where they have an alternate weekly collection as long as rubbish is bagged before being thrown away, which most people already do.

You can also help by

  • wrapping any wet and smelly rubbish
  • double-wrapping nappies, pet waste and any other unpleasant waste
  • keeping bin lids closed
  • not storing rubbish beside bins¬†

Flies can only lay eggs onto food if it's not covered, so if you double-wrap food waste or put it into a bag before putting it into the bin, you won't have problems with flies or maggots.


There's been no increase in fly-tipping in other areas where they have an alternate weekly collection, but we will monitor this. Report fly-tipping to us if you spot it and we'll clear it up.

Food waste collections

We don't have any plans to bring in a household food waste collection. Take a look at the Love Food Hate Waste website for tips about reducing food waste or think about composting your food waste at home.

Your council tax bill

A change in our bin collection service won't mean we'll be able to reduce your council tax bill. Your council tax only makes up only 18 per cent of our funding. The rest of the money to pay for your local services comes from government grants, business rates, fees and charges, and over the past four years our grant funding has gone down by 79 per cent. Half of our budget gets spent on providing social care. We need to keep looking at ways of cutting costs while improving services.