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Containers - what is provided

The majority of households in Plymouth are issued as standard with one green and one brown 240L wheeled bin container. In most cases, there is enough space in both the brown and green wheeled bins, if you manage your recycling and waste carefully, though larger households will be assessed on a case by case basis to see if they need more.

Exceptions: Wheeled bins are not appropriate for all properties, so in some circumstances households are issued with green and brown bags, or, where necessary, access to a communal container.

Assisted collections

If you have additional needs and require further assistance with your recycling and waste, this will also be assessed on a case by case basis, but you can potentially ask for an assisted collection.

Request an Assisted Collection

Making the most of your bin space

To make the most of the space in your bins, make sure you know what goes in each bin and what can and can’t be recycled. A lot of materials can now be recycled in your green bin or bag, from hard plastics to glass jars and bottles, and if you flatten cardboard boxes and squash plastic milk bottles you will create more space and be able to recycle more.

Larger items that don’t fit in your bins can be taken to one of our recycling centres.

Exchanging a damaged bin

The request service is temporarily suspended, however we are replacing damaged bins following crew reports -  further communication to follow.

Garden Waste bags

See our Garden Waste portal for information around the Garden Waste collection service in Plymouth, including options to request new or replacement garden waste bags.


Request a bin

Request a bin