Request a bin or bag

Containers - what is provided

Households will be allocated appropriate containers for their property. Most Households will be issued with one green and one brown 240l wheeled bin containers. This is the standard container provided as part of the collection service. Most households will have sufficient space in both their brown wheeled bin and green wheeled bin if they manage their recycling and waste carefully.

Exceptions: Where individual wheeled bins are not appropriate, alternative containers will be provided, such as bags or where individual containers are not suitable, then access to a communal container. Larger households or households with additional needs may request further assistance to manage their recycling and waste, this will be assessed on a case by case basis.

New or replacement bags

The garden waste scheme has now finished and will restart week beginning 9 April 2018. The requests for garden bags has now been suspended and will reopen at the start of March. We will deliver all the garden waste bag requests that are currently in the system before the start of the new season.

You can collect a recycling bag from Prince Rock depot or 1st Stop shop, or we can deliver it. You'll need to bring a reference number and proof of your address to collect your bag - fill in the 'request a bag' form below to get your reference number or arrange delivery.

Request a bag

Replacement bin

Customers can request a bigger brown bin. Additional bins can be requested but are likely to require a visit from a recycling officer.

Alternative weekly collection has been implemented in Plymouth to help increase recycling and reduce the amount of brown waste we're throwing away as a city.  If you're requesting an exchange of your bins please note that we're not able to exchange brown bins for larger ones or additional bins, and have guidance available on what goes in each bin to help reduce the amount of general waste you are disposing. We're able to exchange green bins so that you're able to increase your recycling waste.

If your bin/bag has been damaged or stolen you can collect another one from Prince Rock depot; Monday to Thursday from 9am to 4pm or Friday from 9am to 3pm. Please call 01752 668000 before you come to pick it up as we need to give you a reference number. Any damage to containers proved to be the fault of the Council will be replaced and delivered free of charge. If the damage is not caused by the Council, replacement containers will be free but there is a charge (£15) for delivery.

Replacement bins/bags are free, however there is a delivery charge of £15 or they can be collected for free from the Prince Rock Depot. Please ensure your vehicle is large enough to carry a wheeled bin.

If your bin/bag has been damaged during collection it will be tagged to say so and a replacement will be delivered shortly, you do not need to contact us if your bin/bag has been tagged.

Smaller bin

If you don't have much rubbish and your bin is too big we can replace it with a smaller 140 litre bin.