What goes in each bin

Green bin, bag, or communal recycling bin

What goes in your green recycling bin or bag, or communal green bin

All items listed below can go in your green household recycling bin or bag, or if you use communal green bins, the same things can be recycled in there too. 

To help us recycle more of your stuff:

  • Please give your pots, tubs, trays, bottles and jars a rinse to remove any food waste!
  • Please do not put any black bags in your green bin as these cannot be recycled
  • Please flatten or crush items like plastic milk bottles and cardboard boxes to make more room.l
Glass All glass bottles and jars can be recycled, whether they are clear, brown, green or blue. Plastics drinks bottles, shampoo bottles, food trays, yoghurt pots, margarine tubs, ice cream tubs, fruit punnets, detergent bottles. 
Paper and card Newspapers, magazines, office paper, directories, cereal packets, envelopes, junk mail and cards, catalogues, cardboard packaging, shredded paper. Metal Food and drinks cans, aerosols, aluminium food trays and containers, biscuit and cake tins, clean sheet cooking foil, metal lids, tops and caps.
Kitchen recycling Plastic milk bottles, detergent bottles, spray cleaner bottles, washing up liquid bottles, yoghurt pots, margarine and ice cream tubs.

Bathroom recycling Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel bottles.

Help support the Plymouth, Britain's Ocean City Plan for Plastics by recycling all you can, buying a reusable plastic cup, taking part in a litter pick or beach clean, and refusing items such as plastic straws or bags.

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Brown bin, brown bag or communal waste bin



What goes in your brown waste bin or bag, or communal bin 

All items listed below can go in your brown waste bin, brown bag, or communal waste bin.

For tips on managing food waste, visit www.lovefoodhatewaste.com

Glass Mirrors, sheet glass, drinking glasses cannot be recycled and must go in your brown bin or be taken to one of our Recycling Centres. Lightbulbs need to go in your brown bin or be taken to one of our Recycling Centres.
Polystyrene This needs to go in your brown bin or be taken to a Recycling Centre. Soft plastics plastic bags, plastic film cannot go in your green bin – do the scrunch test – if you can scrunch it up, it cannot be recycled
Coffee cups Wax coated disposable coffee cups cannot be recycled. Why not help the environment by buying a reusable cup.

Shiny giftwrap Shiny foil gift wrap, cards with glitter and glue on cannot be recycled and will need to go in your brown bin. Dirty foil and foil lined food packets also need to go in your brown bin.


Food waste Every week the average Plymouth family throws away £12 in food waste - for tips on how to cut your food waste visit www.lovefoodhatewaste.com

Nappies Nappies must be put in your brown bin - please do not put them in the green bin as this contaminates the recycling.

Please do not put these in your brown bin

These items cannot be put in your household bins and will need to be taken to one of our Recycling Centres.

Car batteries Chemicals
Electrical items Flammable items
Fluorescent tubes Hot ash
Oil filters Paint
Rubble or builders waste Old TVs and monitors

What goes in your garden waste bag

For more information about the garden waste collection service and advice around what you can put in your garden waste bags please see our Garden Waste Portal.

Clinical waste

We can collect clinical waste from your home if you use the following:

  • Needles (in sharps box)
  • Dressings
  • Catheter bags
  • Incontinence pads

To arrange regular or one-off collections of yellow sacks or sharps boxes call 01752 668000.

What happens to your plastics recycling in Plymouth?