Your bin collections

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Information about bin collections


In Plymouth we run an alternate weekly bin collection system which means we collect your recycling one week and your non-recyclable rubbish the next week.


This is in line with most other areas of the country.

If you would like to know when your next collection is due in your area, please visit our 'check your bin day' page.

Check your bin day

What you need to do

To help make Plymouth cleaner and greener and to avoid any problems please:

Put your bins/bags out at the right time on the right week

  • Check which week to put your green and brown bins/bags out using the online bin day checker
  • Put your bins/bags out before 6.30am on collection day (but not before 6.30pm the evening before)
  • Please return your bins/bags to within your property boundary before midnight on the day of your collection

Put the right stuff in the right bin

There should be enough room in your bins. Our research shows that most bins are currently less than three quarters full and that up to 20 per cent of rubbish in brown bins could have been recycled.

You can make sure there's enough room in your bin if you:

  • Put all recyclables in your green bin
  • Squash cartons and cardboard boxes to make more room
  • Reduce the amount of food waste you throw away

For further information on what goes in each bin, please click here

Avoid smells and litter

You can help keep your street clean and prevent your bin from smelling by:

  • Remembering to put the right bin out on the right week
  • Using bags in your brown bin
  • Wrapping any wet and smelly rubbish (this also helps avoid flies)
  • Double-wrapping nappies and pet waste
  • Keeping bin lids closed
  • Not storing rubbish beside bins 

Bin exchanges

We want to help people recycle as much as they can. If you only have a 140L green bin we can swap it for a 240L green bin but will need to take your old one away – you can either leave it out for collection for which there is a £15 delivery fee, or bring your old one to Chelson Meadow to swap for a bigger one. If you do not think you have sufficient space in your brown bin please speak to one of our recycling officers for advise on how to maximise space by recycling all you can. You can check what can be recycled by visiting our 'What goes in each bin' page.

Brown and green bags

Some areas have bagged rubbish and recycling collections instead of bins because there are access issues for vehicles and space issues for residents.                           

Your rubbish and recycling should be put out for collection in brown or green bags. If you put out your rubbish in black bags they will not get taken away.

Uncollected bins

If your bin has not been collected by 5pm on your normal collection day please let us know within 48 hours so we can arrange a recollection. There may be a specific reason your bin has not been collected, for example if it is overfilled, there is side waste, or if it’s a green bin we cannot collect it if it’s been contaminated with non-recyclable waste such as nappies or needles.

Anything reported after 48 hours will not be treated as a missed bin collection and we will collect it on your next scheduled collection date.

Assisted collections

If you are unable to put our your wheeled bins, we still offer assisted collections – you can arrange this completing our online form.

Apply for Assisted Collections

Healthcare waste

If you have a lot of healthcare waste such as catheters, dressings or needles and storage is an issue for you, we can send one of our recycling officers or team leaders to discuss arrangements with you- you can request a healthcare waste collection here.

Request Healthcare waste collection

Garden waste

Between 1 April and 31 October we operate a garden waste collection scheme from your home - to find out more click here.

At all other times please compost your garden waste at home, or take it to your nearest household waste Recycling Centre at Chelson Meadow or Weston Mill.

Food waste

Currently, there are no plans to introduce a household food waste collection. In the meantime, we will continue to promote the Love Food Hate Waste campaign which gives lots of useful tips about food waste.


We have enforcement measures already in place to deal with fly tipping and we will increase our monitoring and enforcement. Please report any issues with flytipping here.

Report flytipping