You've bin tagged

If a red tag has been attached to your container then there is a reason why our crews have not been able to make the collection.

There will be a tick on your tag that explains why your waste was not collected.

The reasons are:

Wrong contents

This means there is contamination in your waste or in other words, something is in the container that isn’t meant to be.

Contamination of waste can cause real problems when it is processed. 

Garden waste is chipped and taken away to be composted for use in nearby agriculture. It is really important that isn’t contaminated with invasive species or things like plastic pots or soil.  Find out more information on our garden waste page.

Green bin contamination is often caused by waste that has been put in bags. To help us collect your bin you should make sure all items are loose. Things like food waste and liquids mean the materials can’t then be recycled and lorry loads containing these items can be rejected at the recycling facility, so these things shouldn't be put in your green bin. Also some things, such as textiles and electrical items, can’t be recycled in Plymouth’s kerbside collection. You can take those items to a recycling centre. 

Brown bin contamination is generally from bulky, heavy or hazardous items such as diy waste or oil/paint/gas canisters. These bins are for waste arising from your domestic household such as tissues, food waste and packaging that can’t be recycled like plastic films.  

Find out more about what goes in each bin.


Container handles or wheels can sometimes break meaning that they can’t be safely moved or lifted by the crews or the mechanical lifts.  Sometimes the carcass itself may crack after years of being outdoors in the elements.   

Our crews will have reported this for repair or replacement.

Too many or too much

Bins can sometimes be overfilled and then can’t be moved to the vehicle safely.  Overfilled bins can also become damaged when moved or lifted by the mechanical lifts.  

Soil, rubble, large branches, bulky or heavy items should be taken to a recycling centre.

Not contained

All waste must be in the official bins provided for household waste collections. You can be fined for putting waste (loose or in bags) beside or on bins on a public footway or carriageway.