Register a death

How to register

You must register a death within five days of the death at the Register Office of the district where the death takes place.

You must register a death within five days of the death. Legislation has been put in place to enable death registrations to take place over the phone.  Please see our webpage for the current procedure to register a death  In Plymouth:

What you need to bring

You'll need to bring:

  • The medical certificate of the cause of death from a doctor or the certificate from the coroner (if referred)

You'll need to provide the following information about the person who has died:

  • Date and place of death
  • Full name and surname together plus any other names they've been known by (for example a maiden name
  • Date and place of birth
  • Occupation
  • Address
  • Marital status and the full names and last occupation of their spouse
  • National health number (from their GP)
  • Pension details and if they received a government pension

Who can register a death

The following people (in order of preference) can register a death:

  • A relative
  • A person that was present at the death
  • The occupier of the premises where the death occurred (if he/she was aware of the death)
  • The person arranging the funeral with the funeral director

Documents you'll get

  • A death certificate (for a fee) - evidence for obtaining probate, pensions claims, insurance policies, savings certificates and premium bonds
  • A certificate for burial or cremation (the green form) unless the coroner has given you an order for burial (form 101) or a certificate for cremation (form E) - gives permission for the body to be buried or for an application for cremation to be made, it should be taken to the funeral director so that the funeral can be held
  • A certificate of registration of death (form BD8) - for social security purposes


  • Registering a death - Free
  • Death certificate at time of registration - £11

If you need extra death certificates you can buy additional certificates at registration or a copy of a certificate after registration. Plymouth Registration Service no longer accepts cash or cheque payments and can only take payments by card.

Tell us once

When you register a death you can use our 'tell us once' service and let us report the death to various organisations for you.