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General Contact

If you need to contact us you can do so through our online contact form.

Making a payment

Direct Debit

Online Payment

Note you will need to have your Business Rates reference number to make a payment or sign up for a direct debit, the reference number will be 8 digits and begins with a 7. 

Discounts and Exemptions

Small business rate relief (SBRR)

For any other discount or exemption please complete an online contact form or see our reductions or exemptions page.

Changing address or registering for Business Rates

Registration and change of address or circumstances form

For any other circumstances complete an online contact form.

Summons and payment problems

If you have received a summons you can apply for a payment arrangement by submitting an online contact form detailing your proposed payment arrangement. 

Viewing your bill and payments online

Sign up for a My Plymouth account.