Report a change in circumstances or update your account

If there are any changes to your account or change in circumstances such as:

  • Moving into or out of a premises
  • Buying or Selling a premises
  • Change to lease
  • Change to contact details

You need to ensure you update us with any changes, please use the below form to confirm these changes and a member of the team will be in touch to confirm within 5 working days

Report a change of circumstances

All stock and effects have to be removed before we can cease your liability to business rates. Fixtures and fittings or items that are permanently fixed to the wall or floor are not classed as stock.

An inspector will need access to the premises to confirm that it is empty before we can close your account.

If you have vacated the property and it has not been sold or the lease has not ceased, you may be able to apply for empty property rates. This exemption can last for a period of up to three months for Commercial and six months for Industrial rated properties, from the date the property became empty.