Central Park Masterplan 2017

We're committed to improving Central Park so that it fulfils its potential as one of Plymouth's premier destinations.

We aim to develop the park's primary function, as originally conceived in 1928, as a park devoted to the improvement of the health of Plymouth people by active sport, recreation and leisure activities.

In 2013 a masterplan showing improvements was adopted in collaboration with stakeholders and users of the park. It aims to:

  1. Promote a strong vision for the park
  2. A park with quality features
  3. A park which is easy to move through and to access
  4. A park with quality outdoor sports, leisure and play facilities
  5. A park with improved landscape and biodiversity
  6. A park with resolved land drainage issues.

 Central Park Masterplan 2017 [PDF, 1.3MB]

 Concept Designs [PDF, 19,810KB]

Work on this plan is well underway and since 2013, we've created a new events field, put in 50 new allotments and made improvements to the wooded valley. We've now secured funding to build a new café, play area, tennis courts, football pitches, arboretum, and improve paths, furniture, drainage and the overall natural environment.

Autumn Update

Find out about what has been going on at Central Park this Autumn:

 Autumn Update [PDF, 1,065KB]


Get involved and help care for Plymouth's biggest park. Why not have a look at our volunteer programme for September to December 2017:

 Dates for Volunteering [PDF, 3,700KB]

Friends of Central Park

Find out more about how you can care for Central Park:

Click here for more information.


Second Stage of Consultation

The second consultation results focusing on the café, play area and Community Sports Hub have now been released. From 24th to 31st August 2017, we reached over 26,000 people on social media, spoke to over 200 people at our consultation event in the park and received 118 completed surveys. Click on the link below to read the comments: 

 Second Stage Results [PDF, 461 KB]

First Stage of Consultation

The results from the first consultation, running from 18th May to 6th June 2017, are now out. We reached over 8000 people on social media, spoke to nearly 1000 people at events and received 292 completed surveys. Click on the links below to read the comments: 

 General improvements [PDF, 256KB]

 Café [PDF, 415KB]

 Play area [PDF, 697KB]

 Community sports hub [PDF, 207KB]

 Skate area [PDF, 168KB]

 Demographic [PDF, 156KB]