Reach for your future

We strongly believe that all young people in Plymouth, regardless of ability or background, should achieve their full potential. We are determined that you should have equal access to excellent education and choice, as well as being safe, healthy, happy and resilient when learning in Plymouth.

We hope that this guide will help you to find out about the many different education and learning opportunities available to you in the city between ages 11 to 18.

You may have heard the school leaving age has gone up – this isn't quite true. You're expected to stay in education or in some recognised form of employment or training until you're 18 but this doesn't have to be at school.

When choosing your next steps, whether to work for yourself or someone else, it's a good idea to develop the skills that employers are looking for, such as a positive attitude, team work skills, problem-solving abilities, a hard work ethic, and customer and communication skills. As you gain this experience, stay confident and manage your expectations. Taking a low level job is a 'stepping stone' onto a higher role.

The next Prospectus is in development. You're welcome to look the Prospectus below dated 2015-2016, but you may find some education provider details has changed so please refer directly to their website for further information.

Download Reach for your future prospectus [PDF, 3MB]