11-plus examination for school entry in September 2019

Grammar school admissions

Grammar school places (Devonport High School for Boys, Devonport High School for Girls and Plymouth High School for Girls) are allocated according to proven ability in the 11-plus examination.

Only candidates who have registered and sat the 11-plus examination at the required time and who have submitted an application for a school place by Wednesday 31 October 2018 will be included in the first allocation round notified on Friday 1 March 2019. It's anticipated that all grammar school places will be filled in the first allocation round. Generally, candidates who either apply late or who take the 11-plus examination later won't be included in the first allocation round.

For 2019 entry, all three grammar schools in Plymouth will be using Maths and English examination papers supplied by GL Assessment. Maths and English is taught in all schools and as such, the local authority does not advocate tutoring for the 11-plus. Free practice papers are available on the GL Assessment website for parents who would like to familiarise their children with the multiple-choice layout of the test, content and examples of some types of questions they will face.


You need to register your child to take the 11-plus examination.


You can register online between Monday 23 April and Friday 31 August 2018. You cannot register before 23 April 2018. Registrations submitted after Friday 31 August will not be accepted.

Or complete the form below:

Download Girls 11-plus registration form [PDF, 226KB]

You also need to send two passport type photographs of your daughter. These need to be certified as a true likeness by a professional (usually her class teacher). Return these to School Admissions Team, Education, Participation and Skills, Plymouth City Council, Windsor House, Tavistock Road, Plymouth PL6 5UF. We suggest that your photographs are either hand delivered to the School Admissions Team at Windsor House or that you post them to the team using recorded delivery for tracking purposes.

If you're applying after the registration has closed, email schooladmissions@plymouth.gov.uk or call 01752 307469 for advice (school admissions staff are available from 11am to 3pm).


Register direct with Devonport High School for Boys between Monday 23 April and Friday 31 August 2018. If you're applying after the registration has closed, contact the school direct.

The 11-plus examination

The 11-plus examination takes place over two Saturdays on 15 and 22 September 2018. You'll receive a letter telling you the time and location nearer to the examination date.

The results

Boys results will be sent out on Wednesday 10 October 2018. Girls results will be sent out on Thursday 11 October 2018.

The results of the examination don't confirm that a place will be offered. The letter is intended to allow parents time to make an informed choice of school before the closing date for secondary applications on Wednesday 31 October 2018.

Offer letters will be issued on the offer date of Friday 1 March 2019. Only at this stage will you know if your child has been successful in gaining a place.

See our timeline for grammar school applications page for a full timetable.

11-plus testing for entry in September 2020

The 2020 arrangements will be part of the consultation on the admission arrangements for 2020/21 which will take place between December 2018 and January 2019. Visit our school admission consultations page in mid-December 2018 for more information.