Community and voluntary controlled primary schools (excluding Plympton)

Normal point of entry at Year Reception/Foundation (YR) and in-year admissions

Applies to the following primary schools:

  • Compton Church of England Primary School
  • Ford Primary School
  • High View Primary School
  • Hyde Park Infant School
  • Knowle Primary School
  • Laira Green Primary School
  • Lipson Vale Primary School
  • Mary Dean's Church of England Primary School
  • Pennycross Primary School
  • Shakespeare Primary School
  • Tor Bridge Primary School
  • Victoria Road Primary School

Proposed changes to previous year include:

  • Amended application period
  • Amended sibling definition
  • Additional statement regarding fraudulent applications
  • Amended multiple birth statement

Download Community and voluntary controlled primary school admission arrangements 2019 to 2020 (excluding Plympton) [PDF, 290KB]