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Clean Streets


Welcome to Clean Streets, an innovative project led by Urban Foresight in partnership with Plymouth and Dundee City Councils, with funding from Innovate UK.

The £3 million project aims to trial innovative pop-up Electric Vehicle chargers that are built into the ground and only rise up when in use, providing a safe, discreet, attractive and low-cost charging solution for electric vehicle drivers who don’t have access to off-street parking. The UEOne chargepoints are designed for convenient kerbside parking for use by residents, visitors and commuters.

By encouraging the uptake of electric vehicles in our city we aim to improve air quality and, by using renewable energy, and reduce CO2 emissions. When not in use, the pop-up chargers integrate seamlessly into the ground. The Urban Electric App will enable EV users to charge their cars simply and conveniently while parked on street.

You may start to see these innovative chargers literally popping up around Plymouth in autumn 2020, with the trial running for 9 months. During the trial, residents and visitors will have the opportunity to let us know their experience of the chargepoints – whether they are currently an EV owner or not.

What chargers are being installed?

The chargers are UEOne pop up EV chargepoints manufactured by British company Urban Electric. The app-operated charge points deliver 7kW at each socket and retract fully underground when not in use, minimising the impact on the urban environment. Designed for 90% of residential streets, the unobtrusive design means there is no unsightly street clutter usually associated with traditional charging posts, and no special charging cable or equipment is required to operate the posts. To find out more about the UEOne pop up chargers or about Urban Electric please go to

How do I activate the charger?

You activate the charger using the Urban Electric App on any smart phone. The app is free to download from Google Play for Android and the Apple App Store, charging is free for the trial period.