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Connected Plymouth

Connected Plymouth is a steering group drawn from the public and private sector across Plymouth that work to enhance the quality of digital connectivity and its exploitation by citizens and businesses across the city.

Connected Plymouth delivers an action plan governed by the Plymouth Growth Board.  

Connected Plymouth works in close collaboration with:

  • Get IT Together Plymouth, the biggest project of its kind in the UK working to help get residents get online.
  • The Digital Plymouth network which exists to bring together our diverse and talented community of digital businesses and organisations here in Plymouth.

The action plan below describes the work that the Digital Plymouth steering group is delivering as part of Local Economic Strategy Action plan.

Plymouth has a thriving digital economy, and we at Digital Plymouth want to create a document to help promote the competency that exists in the city: from games design to video production, from cyber security to digital mapping, from shared ICT services and data warehousing. The city and its surrounding area has a lot to offer to employees, students, investors and those requiring digital services.

That’s why we are conducting a survey and will be producing a short report to evidence this strength.

Please complete our simple online survey to help sell the digital economy here in Plymouth. (There are only five questions).

Plymouth is super connected!

Plymouth is in the top ten locations nationally for coverage of Superfast Broadband. This is great news for the city because access to high speed connectivity is critical to the effective functioning of our modern digital economy, so a great bonus for residents and businesses alike.

Small businesses that go online grow twice as fast as their competitors and for every job lost by companies embracing new digital technologies, more than double are created in the wider economy
(McKinsey, 2011)

Most people with broadband at home already feel they could not be without it. More than 70 per cent of such people described it as essential or important. People with broadband at home value it more highly than their mobile phone, land line or digital TV.
(The Communication Consumer Panel 2010)

Digital Plymouth and the Local Economic Strategy

Through Digital Plymouth, Plymouth City Council, the Chamber of Commerce and numerous public and private sector partners work together to ensure that the city is served with best in class connectivity and that our businesses and residents get the most benefit possible from that connectivity.

In 2014 the group published its digital strategy for the city which forms one of the sic priority areas of the Plymouth Local Economic Strategy.

In April 2015 the Digital Economy Plymouth Growth Board report was written, highlighting its key projects and achievements. It can be downloaded below:

Within the Plymouth Digital Strategy, Digital Plymouth works to deliver against three principle areas:

Providing better connectivity for the city

Delivering free Wi-Fi in the city centre and waterfront at no expense to the taxpayer

We have worked to make Plymouth one of a small number of cities in the UK to have a continuous Wi-Fi network, thanks to an innovative concession agreement with BT. It has cost the tax-payer nothing and in return for use of council lamp posts, BT provide the free network.

Users within the Wi-Fi area are taken automatically to a landing page which links to key useful sites for visitors, residents and businesses. The name of the Wi-Fi network to look out for is PlymouthWiFi.

View a map of the Wi-Fi locations.

Supporting digital skills and entrepreneurs

  • Get IT Together Plymouth aims to help people overcome their fears and start using the internet. The project provides short informal courses to help people try out technology and get more out of life by getting online. Contact Lena Santoro on 07876881514 to find out more. The project now offers courses working with businesses to help them upskill their employees.
  • Explaining the benefits of using broadband.

Exploiting future digital opportunities

Digital Plymouth works to ensure that Plymouth keeps up with future digital opportunities such as the emerging opportunities in 'big data' and the 'internet of things'. We have bid for the recent Innovate UK future Cities fund and are members of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Smart Cities.

DATA Plymouth and DATA Play

The Council has been working with partners to find innovative ways to better exploit publicly accessible local data sets for the wider benefit of the community.

Why not get involved with DATA Plymouth and DATA Play. Using open data is a great way to develop understanding about how the city works and how to use technology and digital skills to develop your skills and make the city a better place to live, work and play.

90 per cent of all jobs will require ICT skills by 2020.

If you'd like to get involved follow us @plymccplanning #DATAPlay or email

Digital Plymouth Network

If you are involved or interested in digital or creative industries visit the Digital Plymouth website.

Digital Plymouth runs a quarterly meetup - with three speakers, plus plenty of time for networking and general socialising. The intention is to bring together our diverse and talented community of digital businesses and organisations and enable us to recognise and celebrate how many of us there are. In addition, by coming together, we can share knowledge and learn about the amazing things that are being created right here in Plymouth.

Follow us on twitter @digitalplymouth for updates.