Frequently asked questions

Our parks are open but please don't gather in groups, unless you are all members of the same household. You can meet with one person from another household as long as you stay at least two metres apart. Full guidance on what you can and can't do.

Please maintain social distance from other park users.

All our play areas, tennis courts, ball courts and skate parks are closed until further notice.

Yes, you can walk your dog while taking your daily exercise, but please keep it on a lead to help maintain social distancing.

You are now allowed to sit outdoors and enjoy the fresh air, picnic or sunbathe but only with members of your household (or one other person from a different household, following social distancing guidelines). Full guidance on what you can and can't do.

You are now allowed to sit outdoors but only with members of your household (or one other person from a different household, following social distancing guidelines). Please remember to wash your hands when you get home. Full guidance on what you can and can't do.

Our allotments are still open but we are asking people not to drive to them, in light of advice on limiting journeys that aren’t essential.

This will help us to take sensible precautions to managing numbers at our sites, many of which have limited parking space.

We’re asking people to follow social distancing guidelines while visiting and to not go onto any other plot or share tools. We’re also asking tenants to clean padlocks before and after using them.

Council staff who are working outside will be carrying out essential roles like collecting rubbish, keeping streets and green spaces clean and free of hazards and making essential repairs to roads and infrastructure.

This is to help residents stay safe and well and to ensure key workers and vital supplies can keep moving around the city and get to where they need to be.

All Council staff have been given clear guidance on safe distancing and protecting themselves and others from coronavirus (COVID-19).

There are some situations where staff have to carry out essential works but are not able to work two metres apart.

Please be assured close working is kept to an absolute minimum and all staff have been given strict procedures to follow in these situations.

All of our libraries are closed until further notice and all events and activities have been postponed.

You can download free eBooks, audiobooks and magazines with your library card. If you renew an item this will now be for 14 weeks

Visit our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information about libraries page. 


We have suspended parking charges in council car parks to support the emergency services, the NHS, care workers and key workers.

Yes. We need to make sure those providing essential services are safe, which is why we will continue to enforce yellow lines, footway parking, disabled parking bays, business bays and doctors/emergency bays.

Residential permit restrictions will also remain as they were set up, to help local people park near their homes, particularly in areas close to the city centre and to large employers.

We are asking that people continue to observe restrictions as it will help keep entrances and roads clear for emergency services and carers who need to visit the vulnerable.

Local authorities in England will be able to hold public meetings using video or telephone conferencing, with legal obligations to hold public meetings in person relaxed from today. It is hoped that this will allow councils to maintain transparency in making decisions on key services for residents.

No. New laws stopping by-elections, local polls and referendums being held before 6 May 2021 are being drawn up.

Our green and brown bin collections are continuing as usual.

To keep this essential service running we have had to temporarily suspend bulky waste and garden waste collections and we are not currently taking requests for new or replacement bins or bags.

See our Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information on bins, recycling and waste

Yes, please put your bins out on your normal day. 

Bags containing used tissues should be placed into another bag, tied securely and kept separate from other waste. This should be put aside for at least 72 hours before being put in your usual external household waste bin.

Please remember to clean bin handles and wash your hands after putting bins out for collection and bringing them back in.

Our advice is to compost it or store it on your property until the restrictions are lifted. If you genuinely cannot store your garden waste without risking injury or harm to your health you can consider taking it to Chelson Meadow recycling centre but please be warned we are expecting significant queues and waiting times. 

Please do not place garden waste in with household waste. 

Please store it on your property until the restrictions are lifted. Our advice is to postpone any DIY and other major projects that will create extra waste unless you have somewhere to store it. Don’t put it in your normal bins or back lanes.

No, the fire service has requested that people do not burn garden waste or any other waste and people should follow that advice. Bonfires that get out of control would put an additional strain on the emergency services

With a limited number of staff (and some deployed to other roles) we are currently carrying out a reduced level of grass cutting.

We have been maintaining sports pitches and grassed sections of children’s play areas during the lockdown, to prevent them from deteriorating and becoming unusable when we are finally able to open them again.

We have also now resumed grass cutting within our parks and green spaces to help ensure they can be enjoyed by people taking their daily exercise.

This is dependent on numbers of available staff and will be kept under regular review.

See our 'Wildflowers set to bloom across Plymouth' news story.

The Government has made it clear that domestic refuse and recycling collections are a high priority and we have been focusing on keeping these running with far fewer drivers and loaders and using staff from other service areas.

Household waste recycling centres are seen as a medium priority and Chelson Meadow has now re-opened, for certain items only (including garden waste). 

Garden waste collection (which is not a statutory service) is considered low-priority by the Government.

Chelson Meadow recycling centre has now re-opened for essential visits and restricted items only. We are only accepting garden waste, electricals and bagged household waste you would normally put in your brown bin. Vehicle access is strictly controlled and people are warned to expect long waiting times. Please do not visit unless you really have to.

With reduced staff numbers we can only safely open one recycling centre at the moment so Weston Mill recycling centre remains closed until further notice.