Get tested

Rates of COVID-19 are still high across Plymouth. It is really important that everyone takes a lateral flow test twice a week before heading out, even if you are fully vaccinated! If you display any symptoms of COVID-19 you must isolate immediately and take a PCR test.

Lateral Flow Tests (home testing twice a week)

One in three people with coronavirus show no symptoms and are potentially spreading COVID-19 without knowing. Rapid lateral flow tests (LFDs) enable us to find these cases and prevent the spread of infection. Everyone in Plymouth is asked to take a Lateral Flow Test twice a week. This can be done at home, for free. If the test is positive, you must self-isolate and apply for a PCR test.

Please take a test before you leave your home – especially if you are visiting friends, family, a care home, an enclosed public space, bars and restaurants in the city.

You can access the tests:

Due to the uncertain winter weather our COVID community engagement team will no longer be setting up the mobile testing unit around the city. Instead, they will be traveling around Plymouth, engaging with the residents and distributing test kits at various locations. They will remain in place outside Specsavers at Place de Brest in the city centre. Please note there will be no stand on Saturday 4 December.

Getting test kits from a pharmacy

Before you call in to your nearest pharmacy to collect lateral flow tests, to do at home, you now need a 'collect code'.

This is a code that you need to show when you collect your test packs from your pharmacy. You can get your collect code by registering online here.

Pharmacies will be displaying posters or leaflets explaining this new change, and a QR code on those posters and leaflets will take you to that webpage.

You do not need a collect code to pick up test kits from any other location, or from our targeted community testing team.

Further FAQs about Lateral Flow Tests.

PCR tests (for those with symptoms)

If you are displaying symptoms of COVID-19 you can book a test on the GOV.UK website or call the NHS on 119. There are a number of local sites that have availability for testing.