Welcome to the Plymouth Good Neighbours Scheme.

On this page you can find a number of different options for volunteering so that you can help those less fortunate than you as the coronavirus outbreak escalates.

The Plymouth Good Neighbours scheme will see the Council join forces with community groups and charities across the city to provide a central place for people to put their hat in the ring to help. We'll be updating our page regularly as more and more groups get in touch with us. 

We’ll collect names and skillsets and then help groups by distributing volunteers with the right skills to right places at the right time, directly and through the many great voluntary sector organisations in the city, and key partners such as the Plymouth Octopus Project and Our Plymouth.

We fully expect to redeploy people from all over the council to help answer phones, to guide people through this incredibly difficult time and to help deliver services to people’s doors. 

But we'll also need the goodwill of residents to help us. 

Thank you so much for getting involved.

How to help safely

The Government has issued advice on things to consider before volunteering. Please read it thoroughly GOV.UK website before deciding to put yourself forward.

We have also launched our own Code of Conduct

Agencies actively seeking volunteers

Our friends and partners at Our Plymouth are featuring a list of organisations and charities that are actively seeking volunteers across the city. Click on the link below for more information.

Our Plymouth volunteering opportunities

Already out there helping?

Let us know. Sign up to be part of the Plymouth Good Neighbours Scheme

If you are running a voluntary organisation and would like some support and advice from us, we'll be happy to help. We can even help furnish you with volunteers. We will also ensure that we’re not doubling up and wasting valuable resource where it isn’t required.

Get support and advice

Add yourself to our volunteer register

If these opportunities aren’t for you, you can register below and let us know about any skills you have that might be useful. We will then be in touch when we have a role that would suit you.

The Good Neighbours Scheme is open to both individuals and to groups and organisations. We've already had a few offers from local businesses who can not only spare staff but also premises, fleet and all kinds of other weird and wonderful assets.

Volunteer to help as an individual

Volunteer to help as a business

For any further queries about the Good Neighbours scheme, please email goodneighbours@plymouth.gov.uk

If you have any feedback about the Plymouth Good Neighbour Scheme, volunteers under the scheme or mutual aid groups which are working to our principles, then please use our feedback form