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Councillor Tina Tuohy named as Lord Mayor Designate

12 February 2024
Lord Mayor Councillor Mark Shayer, and new Lord Mayor Designate, Councillor Tina Tuohy
Lord Mayor Councillor Mark Shayer, and new Lord Mayor Designate, Councillor Tina Tuohy

The Lord Mayor Selection Committee has recommended the new Lord Mayor Designate for 2024/2025 as Councillor Tina Tuohy.

The recommendation will be put forward at the next Full Council meeting on 18 March before it is fully agreed.

Tina was born in Berlin but grew up in Devon with her father’s family. Tina started her career as an art student studying Fine Art and Textile Production in London.

Tina moved to Plymouth in 1970 after getting married and raising a family, and in 1987, she went back to education as a mature student via what was then the University of Exeter’s ‘Department of Extra Mural Studies’ and went on to graduate in Single Honours Archaeology.

In 1990, Tina went on to do a course in Wetland Archaeology at Leiden University in the Netherlands before continuing as a postgraduate at Exeter where, in 1996, she received her PhD on the study of Iron Age Weaving combs.

Councillor Tina Tuohy
New Lord Mayor Designate, Councillor Tina Tuohy

Tina was a lecturer in Archaeology at the University of Exeter for sixteen years and Bristol University for four years.

Councillor Tuohy used to be a governor at the old North Prospect Primary School before it became the Mayflower Academy. She has also worked to introduce archaeology to primary school children and local community groups.

Tina currently serves as a Ham Ward Councillor and was first elected to the Ward in 2009. She is also Vice-Chair of the Planning Committee.

Tina has campaigned to support the community of North Prospect throughout her work as a Councillor, such as supporting community events. Tina lived in North Prospect for over 40 years and has seen the area expand and change throughout the regeneration.

Councillor Tuohy said: “It is a huge honour to be asked to be the Lord Mayor Designate.

“I have always been so passionate about Plymouth and the people that live here, I’ll never forget the moment when I stepped off the train in 1970 and walked out and saw the city, that’s when I knew that it was home.

“Plymouth is such a lovely place to live, work and visit. I have lived here for over 50 years and seen this city grow and change, I look forward to the year of office.”

Current Lord Mayor, Councillor Mark Shayer, said: “I am delighted that councillors have agreed to support Tina as Lord Mayor Designate for 2024/2025.

“I wish her a rewarding and enjoyable year in office. She has so many incredible stories to tell and will make a fantastic Lord Mayor. Personally, it has been an absolute privilege and pleasure to be Lord Mayor for this city, I have enjoyed every minute of it.”