Community grants

The Scheme begins on 23 May 2022 for Community Grants 2022/23

Plymouth Councillors will each have an annual grant allocation of £5,000 for 2022/23 to assist projects or not-for-profit groups/organisations in the city. This results in an overall fund of £285,000.

Councillors may ‘pool’ their grants with other Councillors, in the same or different wards, to create a larger ‘pot’ should they wish. The maximum ‘pot’ within a ward of three members is therefore £15,000.

Due to the COVID-19 Impact on the financial year of 2021/22 and that Members may not have been able to support their planned projects, any Councillor’s with unspent funds, can carry up to £500 of unspent funds forward into the 2022/23 financial year.

If Councillors wish to make a joint application with other Councillors, they must ensure that all parties agree to the application. Permission can be confirmed by multiple signatures on the Community Grant Scheme Application Form or in a supporting email sent directly to the Community Grant mailbox to action. 

All parties must also ensure that they have sufficient funds in order to support the application.

The grants are for a wide range of community groups and projects, for example:

  • vulnerable children or adults               
  • young people
  • facilities for older people
  • community facilities
  • local environment projects
  • community safety
  • climate change issues
  • road signage and small highway schemes

Councillors can also procure services directly from the Council (for example, to purchase new fencing, grit bins, vegetation clearance)

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Making an application

The Chief Executive’s Office Business Support Team administers the Community Grant Fund for Councillors. The Team follows the guidance for the fund and will advise on the suitability of projects/initiatives you’d like to support through your grant.

The scheme this year will begin on 23 May 2022 (the first working day after the Annual General Meeting of the Council) and finish on the last working day before the notice of election (or the last working day of March in a fallow year).

Applications are made by Councillors by completing the online form below. Help and advice is also available from the Business Support Team on 01752 398164 or email

Community Grant Application Form

Tracking your spend

The Business Support Team publish spend against community Grants monthly. You can keep track of how much you’ve spent in year by accessing your Councillor Profile page. If you need an up to date calculation please email or call The Business Support Team on 01752 398164.