Changes to your circumstances affecting council tax

If you move house or change your address

If you're moving to or from a property use Self Service to let us know your change of address details.

Report a change of address

If you're a landlord and your tenant moves out

If you're a landlord tell us about any changes in your tenancy agreements when they happen.

Tell us about a change in tenancy

If someone in your household dies

Email or call 01752 668000 with the following information:

  • The full name and address of the person who has died
  • The date they died
  • If they owned or rented their house
  • If the home was rented, the expected tenancy end date and the landlord's name and address
  • The name and address of the executor
  • If anyone is still living in the property
  • If there's now only one resident aged 18 years or over

A home left unoccupied by a person who has died is exempt from council tax until the date probate is granted, and for up to six months after that date, if it stays unoccupied.

Other circumstances:

You also need to email or call 01752 668000 to let us know if:

  • someone comes to stay with you for a period of time, including friends or family
  • someone moves in or out of your home
  • you change your name due to marriage or divorce or the name on your account is incorrect
  • your children leave school
  • you go into care or into hospital for a long period, or are away from home providing care for someone else
  • your income support or job seekers allowance has ended
  • your rent has increased or decreased
  • the amount of money you or your partner have coming in has changed
  • the amount of money you're getting from sub-tenants changes
  • you have a child
  • you've got married or separated
  • your partner has moved in or out of your home