Council Tax bands and your bill explained

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Understanding your new bill

Your council tax bill is for the year ahead, however you can pay in monthly instalments.

If you pay monthly, this is still your payment for the whole year (12 months), but your payments are usually spread over 10 instalments (or 12) from April to January.

If you don't pay an instalment, you'll get a reminder notice requiring you to pay by a certain date. If you miss this, you'll be asked to pay the outstanding balance of your council tax bill for the rest of the year in one single payment. If this isn't paid, we can start recovery action.

A full council tax bill assumes there's two or more adults (people aged 18 or over) living in a property as their main home so if you live alone or with someone who is exempt from paying council tax you could apply for a discount.

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Bills for April 2021 to March 2022

Band Total bill Police Fire Council
A £1,319.94 £157.71 £60.00 £1,102.23
B £1,539.93 £183.99 £70.00 £1,285.94
C £1,759.92 £210.28 £80.00 £1,469.64
D £1,979.91 £236.56 £90.00 £1,653.35
E £2,419.89 £289.13 £110.00 £2,020.76
F £2,859.87 £341.70 £130.00 £2,388.17
G £3,299.85 £394.27 £150.00 £2,755.58
H £3,959.82 £473.12 £180.00 £3,306.70

Bills for April 2020 to March 2021

Band Total bill Police Fire Council
A £1,256.44 £147.76 £58.83 £1,049.85
B £1,465.84 £172.39 £68.63 £1,224.82
C £1,675.25 £197.01 £78.44 £1,399.80
D £1,884.65 £221.64 £88.24 £1,574.77
E £2,303.46 £270.89 £107.85 £1,924.72
F £2,722.28 £320.15 £127.46 £2,274.67
G £3,141.09 £369.40 £147.07 £2,624.62
H £3,769.30 £443.28 £176.48 £3,149.54

Your council tax band

Your council tax band depends upon the valuation your property has been given by the Valuation Office Agency and is based on the market value of the property as of 1 April 1991. Your council tax bill will tell you which band your home has been given and how much you have to pay or you can use the Government's website to search for your council tax band online.

Search council tax bands

Appeal your council tax band

Each property is assigned a council tax band which is determined by the Valuation Office Agency. To appeal your band, you will need to contact the Valuation Office.

If you think your council tax band is wrong you can appeal your band online or by post on GOV.UK

You'll need to continue paying your council tax while the challenge is happening.

Changes to your property

If you've received a letter from us about a planning application that has been granted on your property please complete the Council Tax improvement request form.

Council Tax improvement request form

Direct debit

You can set up a direct debit online if you have a bank or building society account in your name, you're authorised to do so online and don't need another signature to authorise a payment from your account. 

Set up a Direct Debit

We offer a weekly, fortnightly or monthly direct debit. Weekly and fortnightly direct debits are collected on a Friday and monthly direct debits are set for the 1st or 15th of each month by either 10 or 12 instalments.