Single Person Discount Review

What to do if you have received a SPD review letter

You are entitled to a 25 per cent reduction on your council tax if you live on your own or if all the people you live with are under 18. To ensure discounts are being applied correctly we are required to conduct regular reviews. If you have received a review letter please complete a single person discount review:

Single Person Discount Review

How we conduct reviews

In order to determine which accounts to review, we cross reference occupancy data from the government and credit reference agencies with the names and addresses of those accounts with a Single Person Discount. The occupancy data indicates whether there are any other adults, over 18, who may also live at that address. Data which might indicate occupancy could include:

  • Phone Contracts
  • Bank Accounts
  • Loans
  • Store Cards
  • Car Finance
  • Benefit Records

For example, a child or adult that has left the property has a phone contract that is still registered to your address, this might show up in the cross referencing and would indicate occupancy.

It is not uncommon for these types of links to exist and we understand that this doesn’t mean that there are definitely undeclared adults in the property. However this does allow us to identify Single Person Discounts, which are inappropriately applied.

For more information about the types of data that we check for these reviews please see the below links to some of the three large credit reference agencies in the UK:

There is also some general advice about credit reference agencies on the Money Advice Service website:

Why we review discounts

These reviews are done to ensure discounts are correct and we are required by law to take reasonable steps to do this.

How it makes a difference

When we ran a review in July 2019, of our approximate 40,000 Single Person Discounts, we wrote to over 6,500 households asking to confirm single occupancy. Of these we corrected over 1,300 accounts which increased the collectible amount of council tax by just over £440,000.

Do you think there’s a better, more cost effective way of doing this?

We appreciate your comments and feedback to help us make changes that improve the review. We would like to continue to do this and if there is any feedback that you would like share this can be done using our feedback process:

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