Report anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour is any behaviour causing harassment, alarm or distress to a member of the public and includes:

  • noisy or inconsiderate neighbours
  • aggressive behaviour, verbal abuse, aggressive dogs, hoax calls
  • vandalism, graffiti and fly-posting
  • street drinking or drug misuse
  • environmental damage including littering, dumping rubbish or abandoning cars
  • prostitution related activity
  • begging and vagrancy
  • fireworks misuse
  • inconsiderate or inappropriate use of vehicles.

If you're a housing association tenant please contact them about an anti-social behaviour problem where you live.

Report anti-social behaviour

If you don't feel your report has been dealt with

If you're unhappy with the way your report of anti-social behaviour has been dealt with you can ask us to look in to it under the community trigger. You need to have made three complaints about three separate anti-social behaviour incidents in six months to trigger a review.

Download Case review guidance and procedures [PDF, 142KB]

Download Apply for a case review [Word, 118KB]

Case review applications - October 2014 to October 2015

  • Number of applications made for community triggers: 10
  • Number of times the threshold for the review was not met: Nine
  • Number of case reviews carried out: One
  • Number of case reviews that resulted in recommendations being made: One