Modern slavery

Modern slavery takes many forms including:

  • Domestic servitude: Employees in private homes either forced into working or made to believe they can't leave
  • Forced marriage: Women or children forced to marry either without their consent or against their will
  • Forced labour: People threatened with violence and forced to work for no pay
  • Bonded labour: People forced to work and unable to leave until they have paid back a debt
  • Sex trafficking: People forced to work in the sex industry and held against their will
  • Child labour: Any enslavement of a child

It's more common than you think and can happen anywhere. We're working with our partners on stopping modern slavery and people trafficking. Get advice from Devon and Cornwall Police on what to do if you think someone's a victim of modern slavery where you work or live.

 Tackling modern slavery and human trafficking toolkit [PDF, 535KB]