New look for

Over the next few months, our main website at will be updated with a new look and design. The new site has been designed using the same principles as GOV.UK with a focus on making information accessible, clear, and easy to understand. It will also provide a better experience if you're visiting on a mobile or tablet.  

Council Tax is the first section to go live on the new site. From today, if you're looking for information about Council Tax you will find yourself on our new site at

If you're looking for anything else, you'll be directed back to the current site.

We will be moving information to the new site gradually, so there may be times that you find yourself on the old-style pages or the new ones. All content will be on the new site by November.  We'll try and do this as quickly as possible with minimal disruption.

How you can help

Let us know what you think. The website is for you, and we value your opinions.

At the top of every page, you'll see a link for feedback. We welcome any feedback which we can then use to make improvements as we move the rest of the content over.  

You can also sign up to take part in user research and help us test new pages, just leave your email address on the feedback link and we will be in touch when we need people. 

As we make new pages and sections live on the site, we'll keep you updated via our Digital Blog