Civil Protection

In our busy and varied lives, major emergencies are an inevitable but sad fact of life. They manifest themselves in many different forms, from natural disasters (such as severe weather, flooding, epidemics), to man-made accidents associated with commercial and industrial activity, to terrorism and wars.

Major emergencies can occur suddenly, unexpectedly and anywhere. They may be confined to local areas or they may cover a wider area which in turn causes disruption to services, casualties and potential loss of life.

For the well being of our communities and those outside our area who may be affected, it is essential that the Civil Protection Unit plays its part in recognising and assessing risks, encouraging action to prevent major emergencies and minimising the effects of such incidents.

This is achieved through close coordination between the Unit, the emergency services, neighbouring local authorities, voluntary agencies and other outside organisations, in plan preparation, staff training and in devising or running exercises designed to reinforce training and to validate agreed procedures to ensure an effective and integrated response.

As a Unitary Authority, with statutory emergency planning and community resilience responsibilities, we must have in place a plan that guides our response should an emergency impact upon the Council itself or the community it serves. Every major emergency is different, so it is impossible to write a plan that can cover every eventuality. Despite this, we must respond in a rapid, effective, efficient and co-ordinate manner whatever the emergency may be. Our Emergency Response Plan seeks to facilitate this, by setting out what actions we will take and how - including the command, control and communications structures that will be used, the roles and responsibilities of Council departments and how we will work with the other key agencies who will inevitably be involved in responding to the emergency.

The latest public version of Plymouth City Council’s Emergency Response Plan can be viewed below.

 Emergency Response Plan [PDF, 332KB]