Defence munitions

Major Accident Control Regulations 2004 (MACR)

The Defence Munitions site, situated on the East bank of the River Tamar between the Tamar Bridge and Ernesettle, is covered by these regulations.

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) published the MACR regulations in response to a European Union directive and equivalent UK legislation, which applies to sites undertaking hazardous activities. MACR implements arrangements to achieve results at least as good as those achieved by non-MOD controlled sites which fall within scope of the Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations 1999 (COMAH). One of the principles of these regulations is for the MOD to be more open and transparent with local communities, providing the necessary assurances as regards the safety of site operations.

A range of non-nuclear military explosives are held at Defence Munitions, in support of the country's armed forces. These explosives are stored and handled in accordance with very strict rules laid down by law and in MOD regulations. Munitions by design are inherently safe and safety controls ensure that the possibility of an explosion is extremely remote and that risks to the public are kept to an absolute minimum.

MACR requires the on-site operator to have an emergency plan which specifies the response to an emergency by those people working on or visiting the site. Whilst there is no legal framework requiring local authorities to produce an off-site emergency plan, we have opted to have a plan in place for dealing with major accident hazards which may pass beyond the boundaries of Defence Munitions. The off-site emergency plan details the roles and responsibilities of the emergency services and all other relevant agencies and how they will co-ordinate their efforts to mitigate the effects of a major accident.

The properties surrounding Defence Munitions are provided with an information leaflet detailing what to do in the event of a major accident at the site.

Emergency text notifications

If you live between the Tamar Bridge and Ernesettle you can sign up to our Emergency Notification System 'warning and informing' text messaging service. This system will notify you in the very unlikely event of an emergency at the site.


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