Climate emergency public consultation

We are looking for your views on climate change!

Plymouth City Council is concerned about the impact of climate change. This is something which is having a global impact and is affecting all of us.

Although Plymouth cannot resolve the climate change crisis on its own, we can make sure we play a part in tackling the issues.

The Council has declared a climate emergency. This means that we are working with our partners to make Plymouth carbon neutral by 2030. The 2030 target stems from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 2018 report which outlined the impact of a temperature rise in excess of 1.5 degrees celsius. The report stated that urgent action was required tackle climate change.

The Council is already doing a range of things to help make Plymouth carbon neutral. These include reducing Plymouth's carbon footprint by decreasing carbon emissions, becoming more energy efficient, investing in renewable energy and taking action to offset carbon emissions, such as planting trees.

There are other things the Council can influence through funding, policy and lobbying the Government.

Everyone has a part to play in combating climate change and in helping Plymouth to become carbon neutral.

We would like to know what you think about climate change and Plymouth becoming carbon neutral and to hear any suggestions you may have for helping Plymouth to play its part.

The survey is open for consultation until 5pm on Monday 16 October 2019.

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