How we're tackling climate change

The City Council recognises that it has a significant part to play in tackling climate change. On 18 March 2019 Plymouth City Councillors voted unanimously to declare a climate emergency and pledged to make Plymouth carbon neutral by 2030. Delivering on this pledge is a significant challenge and we do not underestimate the changes that will need to be made. In order to explore these changes we have produced a Climate Emergency Action Plan.

The Climate Emergency Action Plan sets out how we intend to respond to the city-wide climate emergency. It outlines Plymouth’s current carbon emissions, the challenges associated with becoming carbon neutral and why the 2030 target is so important to tackling climate change. It sets this against the timescale of current national policy, recognising that not all the solutions to tackling climate change currently exist.

This Action Plan has been produced under the leadership of Plymouth City Council, but its successful delivery requires collective action across the city, from organisations and individuals. A city-wide collaborative effort is required if we are going to meet this enormous challenge head on and leave a positive legacy for our city.

It is a huge challenge, but it is not impossible. We have confidence that collectively we can deliver more of the things we already do well, faster, to reduce emissions and identify new and innovate ways to do more. We also need to use our collective power to ensure that Government provides us with more tools and resources to help stabilise our climate on our accelerated timeframe.

The City Council recognises its responsibility and has developed a Corporate Carbon Reduction Plan to sit alongside this city-wide Climate Emergency Action Plan. As an organisation, the City Council's emissions account for approximately 1% of the city's overall greenhouse gas emissions. Whilst these emissions have been reducing year-on-year, the pledge to make Plymouth carbon neutral by 2030 has accelerated the work to do more, more quickly, to reduce the Council’s own emissions. The Corporate Carbon Reduction Plan sets out actions that will be taken focusing upon the activities that are under the direct influence of Plymouth City Council as part of our business, such as buildings and vehicle fleet. The document also outlines actions that relate to policies, governance and behavioural changes that contribute to the City Council’s carbon emissions that need to be addressed.

We cannot solve the global climate change crisis alone, but we will play our part. We will think big and act quickly.

 Plymouth's Climate Emergency Action Plan [PDF, 16.3MB]

 Plymouth City Council's Corporate Carbon Reduction Plan [PDF, 223KB]

The links to the right of this page are some of the current projects that are being delivered by the City Council to help meet the 2030 target.