Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

Climate change doesn't just mean warmer temperatures, it also means an increase in rainfall. Because of this the number of flood events is also likely to increase. We need to be prepared for these, predicting when these events are likely to occur, and what we can do to reduce the risk.

Plymouth is surrounded by river estuaries, and is also a coastal city, and so it is important that we understand what the potential risks are, and how to deal with them. Much of the development in Plymouth is found close to the coastal and riverside areas. Plymouth's Strategic Flood Risk Assessment was conducted in 2006, and includes a section on the potential impacts of climate change.

Level 1 assessment

 Level 1, section one [PDF, 1MB]

 Level 1, section two [PDF, 2MB]

 Level 1, appendix one [PDF, 10MB]

Level 2 assessment

 Level 2 [PDF, 9MB]

Plympton assessment

 Plympton strategic flood risk assessment [PDF, 365KB]

 Appendix map B1a [PDF, 2.79MB]

 Appendix map B1b [PDF, 2.82MB]

 Appendix map B1c [PDF, 2.87MB]

 Appendix map B1d [PDF, 2.89MB]

 Appendix map B2a [PDF, 2.82MB]

 Appendix map B2b [PDF, 2.85MB]

 Appendix map B2c [PDF, 2.87MB]

 Appendix map B2d [PDF, 2.95MB]

 Appendix map B3a [PDF, 3.73MB]

 Appendix map B3b [PDF, 3.86MB]

 Appendix map B3c [PDF, 3.78MB]

 Appendix map B3d [PDF, 3.87MB]

 Appendix map B4a [PDF, 3.95MB]

 Appendix map B4b [PDF, 2.75MB]

 Appendix map B4c [PDF, 2.83MB]

 Appendix map B4d [PDF, 2.78]MB

 Appendix map B5a [PDF, 5.80MB]

 Appendix map B5b [PDF, 5.61MB]

 Appendix map B5c [PDF, 5.81MB]

 Appendix map B5d [PDF, 6.01MB]

 Appendix map D1 [PDF, 667KB]

 Appendix map D2 [PDF, 2.28MB]

 Appendix map FF1 [PDF, 7.69MB]

 Appendix map FF2 [PDF, 2.34MB]

 Appendix map O1 [PDF, 4.42MB]

 Appendix map S1 [PDF, 1.06MB]

 Appendix map T1 [PDF, 3.41MB]

 Appendix map T2 [PDF, 3.41MB]

 Appendix map T3 [PDF, 3.53MB]

 Appendix map T4 [PDF, 2.61MB]

 Appendix map T5 [PDF, 2.61MB]

 Appendix map T6 [PDF, 2.62MB]