Mobile and event catering

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Street trading locations

Find out what locations you need to have a street trading licence to trade.

Outdoor event catering and markets

If you're a caterer attending a Plymouth City Council organised event your business will need a Food Hygiene Rating of 3 or above to ensure consumers are protected and that food hygiene standards are high. We also recommend the same standard for anyone organising and an event within the city.

Useful information

Preparing and serving food for large numbers of people at an outdoor event can be a challenge for any food business operator. It is essential that proper planning is given in advance of the event to make sure that food safety remains a priority under pressure and the proper controls maintained.

  • The Nationwide Caterers Association (NCASS) is the nationally recognised trade association for mobile catering, outside catering, event and street food catering. For more information about NCASS visit the Nationwide Caterers Association website.
  • School fetes/community street parties: your questions answered fom the Food Standards Agency

 CIEH outdoor event guidance [PDF, 861KB]