Book a Nationality Document Return service appointment

Please note: This service will no longer be running and the last date for appointments is Wednesday 10 October 2018

The Nationality Document Return Service (NDRS) is for people who have already applied online to become British citizens.

An NDRS Agent will send certified copies of the customer’s supporting documentation, including passports and/or travel documents, to the Home Office on their behalf.

This service allows customers to retain their original documents whilst the Home Office considers their application for citizenship.

Before attending the appointment

Complete the relevant online application at GOV.UK:

You must attend the office within 10 working days of submitting your online form and is by appointment only.  Please call 01752 268331to book an appointment.

Families can make a joint application. Children under 18 do not need to attend the office in person but parents must ensure that all relevant documents including passports are presented. However, if the child is 15 years and 6 months old and applying for the British passport they must also attend the appointment  (adult passport application is over 16)

What to bring

  • Document Checklist displaying the Payment Notification Number (PNN) for each person applying
  • Original referee pages with photograph attached
  • All supporting documentation which you would like submitted to the Home Office in support of your online application.
  • The NDRS agents cannot provide any advice on the supporting documents you choose to submit


There is a fee of £45 per person. Fees apply to applications for adults and children and are inclusive of VAT.  The fee for your appointment is payable at the time of booking and is non-refundable and it includes the postage charge for using this service. 

Applications are sent by special delivery. Family applications may be sent in one package.

You can pay by credit or debit card.

What happens next

Using the Nationality Document Return Service does not guarantee that your application for British Citizenship will be successful or that a decision will be reached any more quickly. The decision to approve your application rests entirely with the Home Office.

The Home Office may contact you for further information after your documents have been submitted. The Home Office will contact you directly to advise you of the outcome of your application

Passport checking 

You can also apply for your UK passport at the same time as your citizenship application (developed with the Home Office). If your citizenship application is successful and a ceremony is attended, your new passport will be dispatched to your home. This service costs an additional £10.  Please note as of 7th April 2018 the passport checking service is now only available when you apply for citizenship online.

The key advantages of using the passport checking service are:

  • we will check the accuracy of your passport application form
  • you will not require a counter signature on the passport application form
  • you will not have to attend a passport interview with the UK Passport Office
  • your passport application will be processed as soon as you have attended a citizenship ceremony and you will receive your passport at home within 20 working days

Terms and Conditions

Your appointment fee is paid to Plymouth City Council for booking a Nationality Document Return Service appointment and is non-refundable.

The fee paid to the Home Office for your online application is separate and does not include the Nationality Document Return Service fee.

Your NDRS fee cannot be refunded and your application cannot be submitted to the Home Office if any of the following conditions apply:

  • if you fail to attend your appointment
  • if your online application was made more than 10 working days prior to attending an NDRS appointment

If you are late for your appointment, it may not be possible to see you. You will need to book a new appointment and pay another appointment fee.

All applicants over the age of 18 must attend an appointment, having completed the online application form before the appointment and attend with all supporting documents, ready for photocopying by the NDRS agent

Nationality Checking Service

The Nationality Checking Service is still available , however you cannot apply for your British passport at the same time.  Our nationality checking service isn't a fast track service but will ensure your citizenship application is correctly completed and is accompanied by certified documents. We'll check, certify and forward your application (and fee) to the Home Office by special delivery. Visit the Home Office website for further information on how to apply, current fees and the application form.

How to book

The service operates on an appointment only basis (Wednesdays only) and each appointment will take about 45 minutes. You must make your application in person. Both of you must visit if you're married or in a civil partnership and making a joint application. Children under 18 don't need to be present. To book an appointment call 01752 268331 or email

What you need to bring

  • Completed citizenship application form (ensure it is the current application form from the Home Office website)
  • Original copy of your successful 'Life in the UK' test certificate (naturalisation only)
  • Original copy of your English qualification (level B1 or above) or degree certificate taken in the UK
  • Documents which are explained in the application form guideline notes (guideline notes are given when an appointment is made)
  • Home Office application fee - cheque or debit/credit card (cheques are payable to the Home Office)


  • Adult single application - £71
  • Adult single application plus passport application - £81
  • Husband and wife living together who apply at the same time - £130
  • Husband and wife and up to two children - £189
  • Additional children under the age of 18 - £58

Fees for this service are payable in advance and are non-refundable. The fee will be taken at the time of booking your appointment by debit/credit card or by cash.