Everything you need to know

Do I have to have a garden waste collection?

No, you can take garden waste to one of our recycling centres or compost your garden waste at home.

If you wish to receive a fortnightly garden waste collection from your property you will need to register for a garden waste collection.

How do I register to receive garden waste collections at my property?

There is no charge for this service, but you must be registered in order to receive it. If you need garden waste collections you can register for this service online.

Register for Garden Waste Collection

When can I register?

You should register as soon as possible, if you register before the end of February you will receive garden waste collections from April onwards. If you register after February 2020 we may not be able to guarantee collections in April. People registering after the collection season has started may take four to six weeks to be added to the collection rounds for your first collection. If you want to have collections in October you must register before the end of August.

How often do I need to register?

You need to register for garden waste collections each year.


You must register for garden waste collections if you want to receive this service. We will not empty any bags unless you register. If you already have a green bag supplied by us you can use the same one, once you've registered.

Your garden waste must be put out for collection in a Plymouth City Council issued bag. If you already have a bag supplied by us you can use this each year. If you need new or replacement bags you can order garden waste bags online.

It is helpful if you put your house number on the front of the bags to help our collection crews make sure they are emptying the right bag and to help prevent it becoming lost or stolen. You can use a permanent marker for this. Make sure to keep your bags somewhere secure, replacing bags has an environmental impact.

You can have up to four bags for garden waste per household.

We may remove any surplus bags that are put out.

If you have more waste than can fit in your bags you can compost at home or take it to your nearest recycling centre. 

Not too much!

A garden waste collector will lift around 13 tonnes each week from the floor to chest height. This is a lot, and we want to make sure our staff are safe and can go home well at the end of their hard day's work.

Please don't overfill your bags, each bag should weigh no more than a five litre tin of paint. If you think your garden waste might weigh more than this please divide it between a maximum of four bags.


Household garden waste is collected fortnightly from April to October each year. Your collection day will be finalised a week before the collection starts in early April. Please be aware, if there is a bank holiday your bins will be collected one day later than usual.

You can check your scheduled collection day on the link below

Check your scheduled bin collection day

You can put your bags at the collection point from 6.30pm the night before your collection day. Once your garden waste has been collected you should retreive your bags as soon as possible.

You should put your garden waste bags in the same location as you present your domestic and recycling bins for collection.

Community collection points

If you live in an area with a community collection point please put your garden waste bags at your communal bin location. Please ensure your bags are marked with your property address to help us ensure you are registered to receive garden waste collections. Unmarked bags may not be collected.

If, due to ill health or disability, you are unable to put your garden waste bags out for collection and there's no-one in your home to help you with this, you may be able to get an assisted collection.

If you already receive assisted waste collections at your property

If you already receive assisted waste collections you will automatically be given assisted garden waste collections when you register to receive this service at your property.

If you do not receive assisted waste collections at your property

If you do not currently receive assisted waste collections at your property and think that you may be eligible you can request these below. If your application is successful you will receive assisted waste collections for all garden, general and recycling waste collections at your property.

Request an Assisted Collection

If you find your bag has not been collected and has a tag attached to it, this means our crew have been unable to take it. Check the tag and follow instructions.

There may be exceptional circumstances that prevent us from collecting your garden waste bag on the scheduled day. If this happens and your bag has not been collected by the end of the day you can report this online.

Report a missed bin

You can report a missed collection up to two calendar days after your scheduled collection day. If you haven't reported a missed collection in time we will collect your bins on the next scheduled date. Alternatively you can take the waste to your nearest recycling centre.

There's no need to let us know if you move away, but if you want garden waste collections at your new house please let us know and register the new property.

Please register again with your new contact details.