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How we deal with poor housing conditions

We're responsible for improving housing conditions for people in Plymouth, protecting their health, safety and well-being. When possible we try to avoid legal action by working with landlords, tenants, leaseholders and owners. However when circumstances require we can take the following action:

Powers of entry

Allows us entry (forced if necessary) to a property for the purposes of inspection when access is denied.

Power to require information

Allows us to serve a notice requiring certain information to be given, for example about who owns a property.

Power to serve notices requiring works to be done

Allows us to serve a notice requiring improve living conditions for occupiers and/or neighbours.

Powers to enter a property and undertake work

Allows entry to a property to do required work that has failed to be completed and recharge the owner.

Power to take over management of properties

Allows to take over management of a property for example if we can't issue a licence (where required) or if the property has been empty for a long time.

Power to close a property

Allows us to close a seriously substandard property (after a detailed assessment to decide the best course of action), closure might be required where improvements are too expensive or the property is beyond improving.

Power to require demolition of a property

Allows us to close a seriously substandard property.

Hazard awareness notices

Allows us ensure that the owner/person responsible is aware of a hazard and the desirability of carrying out repairs/alterations.

If these notices fail to make an improvement we can pursue a prosecution.

Email or call 01752 398500 if you've a problem with housing conditions.