Inclusive Growth

All residents and communities benefit from the growth and productivity of the city to optimise their long-term wellbeing.

  • Harness the potential of the city’s people, communities and institutions to drive inclusive growth, thereby bringing greater prosperity and well being to all citizens
  • Better integrate the efforts of various sectors - public, private,social enterprise,voluntary and community, CEDTs and others

Focus (2017/18)

  • Establish and promote the new Inclusive Growth Group

  • Agree Inclusive Growth high level metrics to be adopted by the Growth Board and how these are to be collated, communicated and used to drive inclusive growth

  • Explore opportunities for Plymouth to develop a leadership role around inclusive growth in England

Flagship Reports

 IG February 2020 [PDF, 601KB]

 IG December 2018 [PDF, 159KB]

 IG June 2017 [PDF, 317KB]

 IG June 2017 Presentation [PDF, 2MB]

 IG January 2016 [PDF, 600KB]

 IG November 2014 [PDF, 511KB]