Apply for a boat or boatpersons licence

Boat licence

You need a boat licence if you carry passengers for hire to and from landing stages within the Plymouth area, including the waters of Plymouth Sound and the Hamoaze.

All boats must pass a safety check and survey before a licence is issued. The licence is valid for one year.


  • Boat licence: £240.84

How to apply

Download Boat licence application form [PDF, 63KB]

Download Boat licence renewal form [PDF, 63KB]

Boatman licence

Operator's of licensed boats need to have a boatman's licence. The licence is issued after completing and passing an examination in practical boat work and an oral theory test covering navigation, local knowledge and sea safety. The licence is valid for three years.


  • Boatman licence: £90.30
  • Boatman licence test fee: £90.30

How to apply

Download Boatman licence application form [PDF, 60KB]

Download Boatman licence renewal form [PDF, 60KB]