Taxi policy, guidance and byelaws


The Council has launched a consultation on a new draft Taxi and Private Hire licensing policy and associated guidance documents and would like your views.

View and comment on the consultation.

Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Taxi Licensing Policy

 Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Taxi Licensing Policy [PDF, 995KB]

The following guidance notes and condition documents must be read in conjunction with the policy.

Guidance notes

 Code of Good Conduct [PDF, 136KB]

 Guidance on the Relevance of Convictions and Conduct [PDF, 260KB]

 Penalty Point Scheme [PDF, 170KB]

 Wheelchair and Assistance Dogs Exemption Guidelines [PDF, 110KB]

 Hackney Carriage Advertising Policy [PDF, 99KB]

 Signage Policy for Private Hire Vehicles [PDF, 97KB]

 CCTV Guidance [PDF, 140KB]

 Spoken English Assessment Test Procedure [PDF, 125KB]

Conditions of Licence

 Hackney Carriage Conditions of Licence [PDF, 126KB]

 Private Hire Driver Conditions of Licence [PDF, 116KB]

 Private Hire Vehicle Licence Conditions [PDF, 123KB]

 Private Hire Operator Conditions of Licence [PDF, 136KB]

 Private Hire Vehicle (Special Event) Licence [PDF, 137KB]


 Hackney carriage byelaws [PDF, 83KB]

Drivers handbooks

Additional information

 Failing to proceed [PDF, 327KB]

 Hackney carriage meter guidance [PDF, 62KB]

 Marlborough Street pedestrianised zone [PDF, 46KB]

 Taxi tests [PDF, 285KB]

 Taxi fares dispute [PDF, 92KB]

 Smoking in taxis and private hire vehicles [PDF, 134KB]

 St Budeaux hackney carriage rank [PDF, 83KB]

 Transporting a wheelchair user [PDF, 158KB]

 Tyre tread guidance [PDF, 178KB]

 Unauthorised parking on taxi ranks [PDF, 114KB]

 Plymouth City Council Act 1975 [PDF, 219KB]

 Town Police Clauses Act 1847 [PDF, 62KB]