Sustainable Design Supplementary Planning Document

This document provides guidance to developers on a range of sustainable design issues, such as developing sustainable communities, designing distinctive neighbourhoods, making connections and designing safe and attractive streets as well as promoting gains in biodiversity and providing development that is future proofed.

The comments made in the consultation in December 2007 have been used to amend and alter the document. The final document went before the Full Council on 6 July 2009, when it was adopted.

Evidence base

 Design and access statements

 Design codes

 Design panel

 Conservation areas factsheet

 Registered parks and gardens factsheet

 Listed building and scheduled ancient monuments factsheet

 Principles of repair for historic buildings

 Onsite renewables guidance note (Policy CS20)

Procedural documents

 Sustainable Design Supplementary Planning Document: Adopted [PDF, 5.6MB]

 Regulations 17 statement, list of consultees [PDF, 20.5KB]

 Statement of proposal matters [PDF, 16.3KB]

 Statement of availability [PDF, 16.8KB]

 Evidence base external web links [PDF, 58.6KB]

 Sustainability Appraisal Report [PDF, 55KB]

 Habitat Regulations Assessment [PDF, 305.4KB]

 Summary of responses [PDF, 49KB]

 Adoption letter [PDF, 18KB]

 Adoption statement [PDF, 14KB]