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Memorial safety

We check the memorials in our cemeteries every five years. An inspection is carried out and the memorial is tested for stability. If the memorial is unsafe the following procedure will be carried out:

  • Immediate risk - the memorial will be laid down
  • Not an immediate risk but requires attention - the memorial will be identified with a warning sign and tape
  • Low risk - further inspection will be carried out in one year
  • No risk - further inspection in five years

The deed holder/owner of the grave is responsible for the memorial (recent memorials will be guaranteed by the stonemason), so if a memorial is found unsafe and/or in need of repair we'll send a letter to the address we've got on record. When we can't contact the deed holder/owner we'll ensure the memorial is made safe.

If your memorial has to be laid down, you can:

  • advise us that you don't want it repaired (but we'll ensure that it is safe)
  • have the memorial fixed by a Plymouth City Council registered monumental mason

If your memorial has been taped and has a warning sign you can:

  • have the memorial fixed by a Plymouth City Council registered monumental mason
  • give your permission to have the memorial laid flat or buried with the inscription still visible

If you want your memorial repaired, please don't attempt to do this yourself, only a Plymouth City Council registered monumental mason can carry out this work. For a full list of registered monumental masons please contact the office as per below

Email or call 01752 307770 for more information.

For further information on headstone testing or for independent advice visit the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management website.