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National Bus Strategy

On 15 March 2021 the Government published the National Bus Strategy for England ‘Bus Back Better’. The strategy is intended to deliver cheaper, more frequent and more reliable bus services for passengers.

The strategy requires the establishment of a formal partnership arrangement for buses across all local authority areas outside London. This must be led by the Council, as the Local Transport Authority (LTA).

The commitment to develop an Enhanced Partnership was made by the Council in June 2021. 

The formation of a statutory Enhanced Partnership is necessary in order to be eligible for future Government funding.

The Council, as the LTA, are also required to lead the preparation of a Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) for submission to the Department for Transport (Dft) setting out what the Partnership will deliver in order to make buses easier, cheaper and more convenient to use.

The Plymouth BSIP and annual review, has been developed in partnership with our public transport providers.

Please find letters of support below from local bus operators: